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GoDry Carpet Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is the premier carpet cleaning service in beautiful Greensboro, NC and also serving the greater Greensboro Area, and we consider it a privilege that you’re taking time to learn more about our company and carpet cleaning processes. We are a full service residential and commercial carpet cleaning service.

dry carpet cleaning | Carpet Cleaning in Greensboro NCHello, my name is James Scales and I am the owner of GoDry Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning right here in Greensboro. We use a state of the art dry compound moistened with safe cleaners and vigorous deep brush action with our special scrubbing machines.  We then brush the cleaners through the carpet fibers, effectively wiping off soil from carpet fibers into the dry cleaning compound, then vacuum away both soil and the dry compound cleaner.  Your carpet will be bright, fluffy and fresh smelling – bone dry in less than an hour – and ready to walk on immediately.  Your padding never gets wet, and the spots and stains don’t come back.  When we clean your carpet, it will be truly cleaned.

On the other hand, wet steam cleaning methods wash dirt and soap down through the backing into the pad where it cannot be recovered.  As your carpet dries over several days, the soapy, dirty water wicks up to the surface leaving a sticky residue. As you walk on your carpet, additional soil sticks to it, and your rug can end up looking dirtier than it did before it was cleaned. Spots can reappear in as little as 2 days and as long as 5. Pads can remain wet up to 7 days, creating ideal conditions for mold growth. (Some mold spores are toxic; small children are at particular risk). Other so called dry systems clean surface soil with buffing machines, but—like wet cleaning—also push dirt and soap into the pad. We did extensive research in choosing the carpet cleaning method we decided to use at GoDry Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, and We Chose The Best For Our Customers! You can always Trust GoDry For Excellent Service, I Guarantee It!

James Scales.

Dry Extraction is The Best Way to Clean Carpet!Carpet Cleaning in Greensboro NC
The dry extraction method has been named the number one method for carpet cleaning WORLD-WIDE! Since this method has been named the best way to clean carpet, why waste time with any other method? We are sure you have tried them all for yourself in the past. The results from this method are amazing! If you are looking for the best results for your carpets, demand the dry extraction method from your service provider.
The first reason the dry extraction method is the best way to clean carpets is that it has an incredibly fast dry time. If you clean your carpets with a hot water extraction method your carpets could take hours to even days till they fully dry. This is why the dry extraction method is so awesome! Your carpets will be dry within 30 minutes of us leaving your home!
The dry extraction method is the best way to clean your carpet because it removes all embedded debris from your carpet. What people don’t know is that most steam cleaners can’t actually fully extract all of the dirty water that they put into your carpet & pad. The dry extraction method uses 100% green moistened compound on your carpet to fully collect and extract all of the debris accumulated throughout the months or years .
Don’t you just hate it when you get your carpets cleaned and the spots come back within the next week? The reason that the spots come back is a result of steam cleaning. After your carpets have been steam cleaned there is a percentage of water left in your carpet; this acts as a conductor to bring the stains, which were pushed further down into your carpet, back up to the top. Using the dry extraction method will have no returning stains. Since our multi-step process removes all debris from your carpet, any stain that is removed is guaranteed to not come back.

Carpet Cleaning in Greensboro NC | GoDry Process.carpet cleaning greensboro nc

The dry extraction method we use in Greensboro at GoDry is the best way to clean your carpet, because it eliminates the odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew and simply out cleans the competition. Steam cleaning puts a lot of unnecessary water into your carpet, since they’re using so much water it doesn’t only soak your carpet, but also soaks the pad and the latex water soluble glue backing of your carpet! It can also get not only the pad wet, but the sub-floor as well. Once you have mold and mildew in the pad of your carpet then you’re back to square one; you have to restart. Any expert is going to tell you that when you have mold and mildew underneath your carpet you’re going to have to rip up that carpet, replace the padding, and most of times replace the carpet.
Many people have the do-it-yourself mentality, and that can help prevent permanent stains. This actually helps carpet cleaners. It is essential that you try to remove all moisture when a spill occurs. Simply take paper towels and pad the spill to absorb the most moisture possible. The very next thing you should do is call a dry extraction carpet cleaner. When they come to clean your carpet, spots that are attended to quickly are more likely to be removed then spots that are not attended to. However, your carpet needs a consistent cleaning in order to keep the Carpet life long. The dry extraction method is the best way to clean your carpet hands down.carpet cleaning greensboro nc
Whether you tired of returning stains, wet unusable smelly carpets or you are frustrated with the long inconvenient dry time; You will never have to worry about that again! The dry extraction method has fixed every carpet cleaning flaw that steam cleaners consistently make. The dry extraction eliminates odor causing bacteria, removes all debris from your carpet, and leaves you with the cleanest carpet you’ve ever had before. That is why the new dry extraction method is the best way to clean your carpet to date.

Carpet Cleaning in Greensboro NC | Dry VS Wet!

The Strong DRYZONE Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System we use at GoDry in Greensboro is a top proven method for achieving cleaner and drier carpet that looks its best every day. But did you know that using DRYZONE can contribute to a cleaner environment both inside and outside your facility? In fact, no other carpet cleaning product has the variety of independent certification and research that DRYZONE Dry Carpet Cleaner has. This summary of independent research and certifications shows that DRYZONE is environmentally preferred and the best choice for green, clean and dry carpet that looks its best every day. C’MON Greensboro give us a try! We not only promise your satisfaction we guarantee it!

Carpet Cleaning in Greensboro NC | Our Guarantee

Give us a try. We always offer a 100% Guarantee on every job we perform, and we have an outstanding reputation in our area. We know you’ll be amazed with our Carpet Cleaning, upholstery cleaning and other floor care services – and you’ll love your totally dry and thoroughly cleaned fresh carpets. We guarantee it! 

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